Your presence at our wedding would be the greatest gift of all.

With that in mind...

Traveling to Charleston isn’t cheap.

In fact, the prices are quite steep.

If a hotel voucher would help you attend,

Please gift us with that insight, my friend.

If you are far from in a bind,

A contribution would be kind.

It will go to those who would love a way

To join us on our special day!

For a hotel voucher, please click this link.

To contribute towards a hotel voucher, please use our Venmo @HotelFund42223 or PayPal @42223hotelfund PayPal.Me/42223hotelfund. To give via check, please make out to "Cheryl Gray or Kevin McElligott" and mail to 96 Midland Ave #2 Montclair, NJ 07042.